A Baby and Her Mommy: September Snap Day 22

Welcome to day 22 of the September Snap. Throughout the month of September, I am challenging myself to post a new picture with an explanation each day. Feel free to join me in posting a picture a day for this photography challenge throughout the rest of the month of September.

September Snap

Today my picture is of me and my daughter. While getting ready for work the other day, I decided to snap a picture of her and me in our pretty dresses. I took a few but could not get Poppy to smile. She is now in that stage where she just stares at the camera and sometimes tried to grab it. Here is me with Poppy, who is just staring into the camera.

Self Portrait of Heather and Poppy

Do your children make silly faces for the camera?

Image Credits

Self Portrait of Heather and Poppy © 2012 Heather Johnson

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