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Motherhood MaternityBefore I even conceived my daughter, I knew that I would need to find a maternity clothes sale if I wanted to find clothes that fit me and still looked good on me without my having to spend a fortune. In my little town, the only place that an expectant mother can really buy maternity clothes is Motherhood Maternity. Some of the other box stores also carry a few maternity outfits and you can sometimes find used pregnancy clothes at some of the local thrift stores, but if you want new and in style maternity clothing, then you really have no choice but to go to Motherhood Maternity. And, although its clothes are great, the store’s prices are far from cheap.

When I first got pregnant, I knew that I would really need maternity clothes during the cooler fall and winter months. Thus, to save myself some money, I started checking the clearance racks at Motherhood Maternity for a maternity clothes sale on pants. I was able to buy quite a few pairs of maternity pants for about the fourth of the full price. Essentially, I was able to buy four pants for the price of one, which saved me a huge amount of money.

In addition to shopping from the clearance racks, I also kept an eye out for the occasional storewide sale that Motherhood Maternity would offer. For example, with one sale, I was able to buy one shirt and then get the other half off. At another sale, I spent $100 and got 20% off my entire purchase. And, even better, some of the items from my $100 purchase were from the clearance rack, so I ended up saving even more than the 20%.

If you are in the market for maternity clothing, then you know just how expensive looking fabulous with a protruding belly can get. However, so long as you buy some clearance items and shop during a maternity clothes sale, then you can still look great without spending a small fortune.

How did you save money on maternity clothes?

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