Adventures in Babywearing: Vacuuming While Wearing a Baby

Mommy Wearing Poppy While VacuumingMy daughter loves to be held. Ever since she was a tiny baby, she preferred to be in my arms rather than being set down. However, I cannot function if I am unable to put my baby down. Sometimes her daddy will take her to help me out, but he works from home, and, if we are going to be able to keep paying for our home, he has to work instead of holding the baby all the time. Thus, the only way that I am able to get all of my chores done is to wear my daughter at least some of the time.

When she was a newborn, Poppy refused to be put down. She could be dead asleep, but the minute that I set her down, she was instantly awake. Now that she is a little older, she will play on the floor with her toys or hang out in her exersaucer in the kitchen for a while, but mostly she still likes to be held. Therefore, in order to get my chores done, most notably vacuuming, I have taken to popping her in the Moby Wrap and bringing her along for the ride.

Mommy and Poppy VacuumingThe other day when I got to go into work an hour later than usual (because I had gone in an hour earlier two days before), I decided to tackle the mounting problem of the hair all over my floors. Because the weather is turning warmer, my cat is shedding like crazy. I too am shedding like crazy as I endure the joys of postpartum hair loss. I had been ignoring the problem for a while, but the time had finally come to vacuum up all that hair from my carpets and other flooring.

As soon as my daughter woke up and had eaten, I strapped on the Moby Wrap and plopped her inside. I then spent a good hour wearing my baby while I vacuumed all the rooms in my house. I started with the carpet in the back room; worked my way across the tiles of the back hallway, kitchen, and dining room; made a detour into the linoleum and hardwood of my bathroom and the bedrooms; and finally ended up on the carpeting of the hallway and the living room. My husband had to empty the vacuum twice. But all the while Poppy happily hung out with me while I wore her.

Some babies, like Poppy, just need to be held. The only way that I am ever going to get all of my chores done is to wear her while work. Luckily for me, now that she is a little older and more engaged with the world, she likes hanging out with her mommy and watching as I clean up around the house. Babywearing has kept my house from ending up looking like a junk yard or one of those homes on Hoarders.

Has babywearing positively impacted your life?

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Mommy Wearing Poppy While Vacuuming © 2012 Heather Johnson
Mommy and Poppy Vacuuming © 2012 Heather Johnson

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