Baby Bikinis: Cute or Creepy?: Hot Topic Tuesday Blog Hop

The Hot Topic Tuesday question for today is “What are your thoughts on baby bikinis?”

Baby Bikini from Old NavyIn my opinion, bikinis are for grown women who have breasts and hips, not for babies who have chubby arms, legs, and tummies. I will not buy a baby bikini for my daughter who will be less than a year old during the swim season this summer.

Before I gave birth to my daughter, I thought that baby bikinis were a little weird but a little cute. Then my daughter was born. She is so precious and innocent. Yes, a bikini is really just a style of bathing suit, but certain connotations come along with the skimpy two-piece outfit. I would prefer to put my daughter in a one-piece suit and preserve her cuteness instead of trying to make her into a mini-adult.

When I went shopping to find a swimming suit for my daughter before our weekend trip to Nashville a few weeks ago, I was surprised to find so many bikinis for babies. In fact, I had quite a lot of trouble finding an adorable, girly swimming suit for Poppy. Finally, however, after an exhaustive search, I did find a cute pink suit with ruffles at Target. Poppy looks so sweet and adorable in her pink swimming suit. Her suit even matches mine!

As I go into store after store this spring, I am getting more and more creeped out by the skimpy two-piece suits made for babies. In my opinion, bikinis are not for babies.

What do you think about baby bikinis?

Hot Topic Tuesday

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