Baby Fence: September Snap Day 13

Welcome to the day 13 of the September Snap, a photography challenge in which I am posting at least one picture with an explanation each day throughout the month of September. Please feel free to join me in posting a photo a day during the rest of the month.

September Snap

Today I am posting two pictures of the newest baby-proofing effort in my home. My daughter loves to try to play with our electronics such as the Wii, DVD player, and Roku box. She also likes to pull up on the cat tree. We had been using a piece of plywood in front of the entertainment center to thwart her efforts. However, the plywood was not going to work forever, so we recently bought a baby fence to keep her away from the electronics and the cat tree. She still stares longingly at the forbidden objects, but she can longer reach because of the awesomeness of the baby fence.

Poppy and the Baby Fence 1 Poppy and the Baby Fence 2

How have you baby-proofed around your home?

Image Credits

Poppy and the Baby Fence 1 © 2012 Heather Johnson
Poppy and the Baby Fence 2 © 2012 Heather Johnson

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