Baby Girl Clothes: Frugal Friday Church Attic Sale Steals

Baby Girl Clothes from Church Attic SaleI love buying my daughter adorable baby girl clothes. I also love saving money. You can no doubt guess then that I also love church attic sales because I can buy clothes for my daughter while saving money. If you love buying new outfits for your children as much as I love buying baby girl clothes for my daughter, then my Frugal Friday tip of the week is right up your alley: Check out your local church attic sales for some real steals on children’s clothing.

The church next to the library at which I work hosts an attic sale every summer. This sale takes up the entire parish hall and includes anything and everything from kitchen accessories, furniture, linens, and appliances to books, toys, and clothes for the whole family. Every summer, I take a little time out of my day to check out the great buys at this sale. In fact, many of the clothes that my daughter wore as a newborn were purchased at this sale.

This year, I was specifically looking for baby girl clothes. My daughter is just growing like a weed. She has plenty of clothes at the moment, but she is going to need a new wardrobe when the weather eventually turns colder. I was thus looking for some great baby girl clothes that she could wear this fall and winter.

I ended up spending a total of $3. For my $3, though, I took home quite the steal in terms of baby girl clothes. First, I found an adorable lime green onesie that read “Daddy’s Girl” on the front. My daughter is a total daddy’s girl, so anytime I see a cute onesie about daughters and daddies, I am hard-pressed not to buy. I bought this adorable “Daddy’s Girl” onesie for a mere 50 cents. For another 50 cents, I also found a cute pink Ralph Lauren dress. Normally, Ralph Lauren dresses sell for at least $30. A 50 cent Ralph Lauren dress, then, is quite the steal.

I was also looking for cute denim baby girl clothes under which my daughter could show off her adorable cloth diapers. I was excited to find a denim Tommy Hilfiger dress for only $1. My daughter can wear this dress with just a diaper during the end of the summer. I can then put a shirt on under the dress as the weather turns cooler and then a long-sleeved shirt with tights as fall turns into winter. I love versatile baby girl clothes, and a denim Tommy Hilfiger dress is about as versatile as possible.

Before the Fourth of July this year, I had been looking for a cute holiday dress for my daughter. I never found one that I really liked, so I was excited to find a red, white, and blue OshKosh B’Gosh denim overall and onesie set that would fit my daughter next summer. In the meanwhile, too, my daughter can wear the overall dress this winter and spring. For these baby girl clothes, I spent another measly $1.

For a total of just $3, I walked away with a pretty good steal of baby girls clothes. Where else but a church attic sale could I buy a onesie, an OshKosh B’Gosh onesie and overalls, a Tommy Hilfiger dress, and a Ralph Lauren dress for my daughter for just a couple of quarters?

What was your best attic sale or garage sale steal?

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