Baby Rocks Out with Five Instruments at One Time

Baby Q Plays Five Instruments

Baby Q loves to jam. Not only does he shake a rattle, he also plays guitar, busts out a mean groove on the keyboard, and is not afraid to rock out on the drums. Baby Q even turns a telephone into a musical instrument!

This adorable video comes to us by way of  Joey Angerone, the little tyke’s dad who filmed and edited the video.

Poppy, my daughter, also loves to play our piano, drums, and various other instruments found around our home, but I never would have thought to create her own jam band video.

Here is little Baby Q rocking out by himself:


Video and image courtesy of Vimeo, Joey Angerone

James Johnson

James Johnson is a writer, an editor, a husband, and a first time father who is supported by his wonderful wife. He earned a BS in communications with a minor in pre-law from Illinois State University in May 2004.

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