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Baby Sign Language: ASL Numbers Zero (0) to Five (5)

Even young babies can understand simple math concepts like counting. Teach your baby the signs for the numbers zero (0), one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4), and five (5) in baby sign language with the following descriptions and pictures.

Zero (0)

Form a circle with the fingers and thumb.

ASL Zero (0)

One (1)

Form a fist with the index finger pointing up.

ASL One (1)

Two (2)

Form a fist with the index and middle fingers pointing up.

ASL Two (2)

Three (3)

Form a fist with the index and middle fingers pointing up and the thumb pointing out.

ASL Three (3)

Four (4)

Point the four fingers up with the thumb resting on the palm.

ASL Four (4)

Five (5)

Point all five fingers up and out.

ASL Five (5)


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Image Credits

ASL Numbers” by Linguistics Girl: The Linguistic Librarian (Heather Marie Kosur) under © All Rights Reserved (Used with permission)

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