Baby’s First Steps: Poppy Takes Her First Steps

Poppy Standing Up Next to the CouchQuick! Put up the baby gates! Poppy just took her first steps!

I am very proud to share that my daughter took her first two unassisted steps on Friday evening. My husband and I were laying on our living room couch with the dog while Poppy played on the floor. She was crawling around the room, which has been fortified with baby gates and baby fences. Every so often she would put herself up on something, play for a little bit while standing up, sit back down again, and move on to another toy. She would also occasionally just stand up in the middle of the room unassisted.

At one point, though, she grabbed a hold of the side of the couch and stood up. I was watching her and held my hand out to her. She looked at me, let go of the couch, put one foot in front of the other, and took two wobbly steps in my direction. Poppy took her first two unassisted steps!

I was so excited! I shouted to my husband, “She just walked!” He had been watching her as well and saw her first two steps too. The proud papa that he is, my husband promptly posted on Facebook that Poppy had walked.

Of course, Poppy had no idea that she had just walked. All she knows is that mommy and daddy got really excited to see her. She has also yet to walk any more, which kind of makes me feel relieved. However, I know that, one of these days, she is going to just stand up and take off running. In the meanwhile, I can proudly say that my daughter took her first two steps without assistance when she was just nine months old!

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