Building a Cloth Diaper Stash: The Price of My Best Bottom Stash

Although I will admit that I have spent a significant amount of money on cloth diapers for my daughter, the amount that I have spent is still much lower that the amount that I would have spent on disposable diapers from birth through potty training. Since I was recently thinking about my cloth diaper purchasing, I decided to sit down and calculate the minimum cost of my stash.

During the day, I almost exclusively use Best Bottom Diapers on my daughter. My daughter requires one to three shells each day. Because I wash my diaper laundry every third day, I recommend getting a minimum of nine Best Bottom shells. With the discount for quantity, nine Best Bottom shells cost $16.45 each (down from the regular $16.95) for a total of $148.05.

Best Bottom Shells Best Bottom Shells and Inserts
Also during the day, I change my daughter every two hours or so, sometimes more but often less. My daughter goes about twelve hours at night without a diaper changes, so I recommend about seven inserts in each size during the day. For three days worth, I recommend getting twenty Best Bottom inserts in each size: small, medium, and large. With the discount for quantity, sixty inserts cost $3.75 each (down from the regular $3.95) for a total of $225.

At night, I use a Flip cover stuffed with a Stay Dry Best Bottom insert, a microfiber overnight Best Bottom insert, and a FuzziBunz minky insert. For three Flip covers, the cost is $13.95 each for a total of $41.85. With the discount for quantity, three overnight Best Bottom inserts in each size cost $6.60 each (down from the regular $6.95) for a total of $59.40. A three pack of the largest FuzziBunz minky inserts costs $12.95.

Overnight Flip Diapers

During the day, the cost of my cloth diaper stash comes to $373.05. My overnight cloth diapers come to a total of $114.20. The grand total cost of my minimum stash comes to only $487.25. With cloth diapers, I can diaper my daughter from birth to potty training for the amount that I would spend on just a few months worth of disposable diapers. Plus I get all the other benefits of cloth such as eco-friendliness, fewer rashes, fewer harmful chemicals, and cuteness.

9 Best Bottom Shells – $16.45 each – $148.05
20 Best Bottom Stay Dry Inserts (Small) – $3.75 each – $75
20 Best Bottom Stay Dry Inserts (Medium) – $3.75 each – $75
20 Best Bottom Stay Dry Inserts (Large) – $3.75 each – $75
3 Flip Covers – $13.95 each – $41.85
9 Best Bottom Microfiber Overnight Inserts (3 Small, 3 Medium, 3 Large) – $6.60 each – $59.40
FuzziBunz Minky Inserts (3 Pack) – $12.95

Total Cost – $487.25

Of course, with my cost analysis all laid out, I must admit that I have spent a bit more on cloth diapers for my daughter. I own all of the Best Bottom shells. All twenty-four shells would have cost me at a minimum $394.80. I also own a few other diapers and a pile of other inserts. However, despite the extra fluff that I have purchased, my entire cloth diaper stash still cost me significantly less than disposables. And, for someone with more self control than me, the minimum of my stash could cost only $487.25.

My Cloth Diaper Stash

How much have you spent on your cloth diaper stash?

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