Cloth Diapers Overnight: Flip Covers with Best Bottom and FuzziBunz Inserts

When I first started out with cloth diapers on my daughter, I had one overnight diaper that consisted of a Blueberry pocket diaper with two Blueberry bamboo inserts and one microfiber insert. However, because I wanted to extend the time between loads of diaper laundry to every other day and then every third day, I needed to come up with some other nighttime cloth diaper solutions. Along the way, I tried combinations of pocket diapers with various inserts including bamboo inserts.

For the past few months, though, I have been consistently using a Flip cover with a Stay Dry Best Bottom insert, a microfiber overnight Best Bottom insert, and a FuzziBunz minky insert as my overnight nighttime cloth diaper solution. I am not a big fan of pocket diapers. I much rather prefer all-in-two diapers or at least a diaper cover. Best Bottom Diapers are my absolute favorite brand of diaper, and I pretty much exclusively use Best Bottoms on my daughter now. Once I buy five remaining shells, I will have the entire collection of Best Bottom covers.

If I could make one improvement to my Best Bottom shells, however, I would make one slight adjustment: I would add a flap to the front and back inside the shell to hold the inserts in place just a little better. During the day, the snap-in inserts work great on my daughter. However, at night, because I use multiple inserts, the inserts have the potential to sneak out just a little, causing some slight wicking throughout the night.

With that said, I can and have used a Best Bottom shell stuffed with a Stay Dry Best Bottom insert, a microfiber overnight Best Bottom insert, and a microfiber Best Bottom doubler overnight on my daughter. An easier solution, though, is to use a Flip cover stuffed with a Stay Dry Best Bottom insert, a microfiber overnight Best Bottom insert, and a FuzziBunz minky insert. The Stay Dry insert keeps my daughter feeling dry, and the microfiber and minky inserts hold in up to twelve hours of moisture. I have yet to have any major leaks overnight!

So, if you are looking for a great overnight nighttime cloth diaper solution, then I highly recommend investing in a few Flip covers as well as some Stay Dry Best Bottom inserts, microfiber overnight Best Bottom inserts, and FuzziBunz minky inserts. Your baby, and the bed sheets, will thank you!

How do you cloth diaper overnight?

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Large Stay Dry Best Bottom Insert, Large Microfiber Overnight Best Bottom Insert, and Minky FuzziBunz Insert © 2012 Heather Johnson
Flip Covers with Overnight Best Bottom and FuzziBunz Inserts © 2012 Heather Johnson

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