Dealing with Baby Dandruff

Baby ShampoosMy daughter gets terrible dandruff on her head. Her hair is longest on the top middle part of her head. Ever since she was a small baby, she has had flaky spots on the top of her head under her hair. At first I thought that she had cradle cap, expect that the flakes were just flakes instead of being yellowish like most cradle cap. Thus, I finally concluded that my daughter just has baby dandruff.

When she was a newborn, my husband and I decided that we wanted to use more natural products on her. Thus we bought a bottle of Nature’s Baby Organics Shampoo & Body Wash. As far as baby soap goes, I love my Nature’s Baby Organics. As a body wash, this brand gets my daughter clean without drying out her skin. However, as a shampoo, I have discovered that my daughter needs something a little stronger.

After first discovering the baby dandruff problem, I tried rubbing olive oil onto my daughter’s scalp. Her hair ended up nice and shiny as a result, but she still had baby dandruff. Plus, as another negative, the Nature’s Baby Organics shampoo just did not get the olive oil out very well. Her hair was still a little greasy after a couple of shampoos.

Therefore, after doing a little more research last week, I decided that I would have to use some regular baby shampoo on my daughter’s hair. We have been given a bottle of Baby Magic baby shampoo as a baby shower gift. I had been using the baby shampoo as body wash but decided to finally try some on my daughter’s hair. After one shampoo, I could definitely tell a difference. After her shower, I used a fine tooth comb and managed to get out about half of her flakes. The next day, I washed her hair again. Almost all of the baby dandruff is now gone!

So, as much as I love Nature’s Baby Organics Shampoo & Body Wash, I have to admit that the Baby Magic baby shampoo worked much better in terms of getting rid of my daughter’s baby dandruff. I will still use the Nature’s Baby Organics as her soap and body wash, but I will also continue using the Baby Magic shampoo to keep my daughter’s baby dandruff under control.

What kind of baby shampoo do you use on your baby?

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