Decorating for Halloween: September Snap Day 18

Welcome to day 18 of the September Snap! During the month of September, I am challenging myself to post a new picture with an explanation each day. Feel free to join me in posting a picture a day for this photography challenge during the rest of the month of September.

September Snap

Halloween is my second favorite holiday. (Christmas is my favorite, followed by Halloween and then Thanksgiving. The rest of the holidays I can take or leave.) Every September, I decorate my home with my Halloween decorations. This year, however, because I have a mobile baby on the loose, I have opted to just put up my Halloween lights. My breakable ceramic Halloween decorations can wait to come out again until Poppy is a little older.

My picture today, therefore, is of some of the Halloween lights that I have put up in my living room. I have quite a few pumpkins of various sizes and colors. I also have a purple light up spider web complete with spiders (not pictured) that I hang in one window. My favorite decoration, however, is my light up Peanuts display that I put in the middle of my big picture window. (And, yes, those are still my Christmas lights strung up from last December. With a newborn, I did not feel like taking down all my Christmas lights, and, by now, Christmas is just too close to bother.)

Poppy Looking at the Halloween Decorations

Do you decorate your home for Halloween?

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Poppy Looking at the Halloween Decorations © 2012 Heather Johnson

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