Decorating the Outside of My House for the Holiday Season

One of my pleasures during the Christmas holiday season is decorating the outside of my house with lights. For the past couple of years, James and I have strung LED icicle lights around the gutters and awnings of our house and garage. We have also decorated the bushes in the front and at the side of our home. I love blow molds and have quite a collection that I put out during the holidays. We even put red and green light bulbs in our outside lights. The results are beautiful and festive.

Outside Christmas Lights

Because our first baby is due at the end of December or beginning of January, we have decided to forgo putting up all of our outside decorations this year. Not only am I unable to help put most of the lights up (James will not allow me to climb on the roof), but I also would be unable to help take the lights back down. Therefore, we opted to string just a few strands of lights through our front two trees and the small Japanese maple at the side of our home.

Lighted Trees Lighted Tree

I am sad that I cannot decorate my house in all its glowing glory this year. (The reason is well-worth my slight disappointed!) Nevertheless, the outside of home is not entirely devoid of Christmas spirit. On the larger maple tree in my front yard I have tied a festive red bow. Usually my blow molds are visible during the day. Although the bow does not entirely make up for the lack of blow molds, I do enjoy the little bit of Christmas spirit that the bow sends out into the neighborhood.

Tree Tree with Christmas Bow

I have also hung a handmade Christmas wreath on my front door. I made this wreath for my husband for Christmas for his apartment before we got married. This handmade wreath now graces our front door during the holiday season. If anything, I hope the mailman at least appreciates my pregnant attempts to deck the halls with Christmas cheer!

Front Door Christmas Wreath on Front Door

Image Credits

Outside Christmas Lights © 2009 James Johnson
Lighted Trees © 2011 Heather Johnson
Lighted Tree © 2011 Heather Johnson
Tree © 2011 Heather Johnson
Tree with Christmas Bow © 2011 Heather Johnson
Front Door © 2011 Heather Johnson
Christmas Wreath on Front Door © 2011 Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson is a mother, wife, writer, librarian, and linguist. She earned a BA in English studies with a minor in creative writing from Illinois State University in May 2007, an MS in library and information science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May 2009, and an MS in English studies with an emphasis in linguistics at Illinois State University in December 2011.

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