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    Double Dipped Lip Balm Review: Another EdenFantasys Favorite

    Double Dipped Lip BalmAs I have previously admitted, I am a serious lip balm addict. My newest obsession is double dipped lip balm from Not Soap Radio. Available through EdenFantasys, I knew that I had to try the double dipped lip balm when I saw the black & white cookie flavor. I love Oreos, so I was beyond tempted into trying a tin of the black & white cookie double dipped lip balm. I also bought a tin of the cherry cordial to try because, well, I love cherry and chocolate too.

    My first impression of the double dipped lip balm is that the ingredients are pretty natural. According to the product description on EdenFantasys, double dipped lip balm include ingredients such as castor seed oil, olive fruit oil, beeswax, camauba wax, hydrogenated soybean oil, and cocoa extract. Although not completely natural, double dipped lip balm is paraben free, which is a huge plus.

    Opened Tins of Double Dipped Lip BalmAs for the scent and flavor, I really love both the cherry cordial and the black & white cookie. Of the two flavors that I got to try, the cherry cordial is by far my favorite. I hope to buy tins of the other two flavors (fleur del sel and frozen banana) sometime soon. I also love the way that double dipped lip balm feels on my lips. Light and luxurious, this lip balm from Not Soap Radio keeps my lips feeling smooth. Plus, I get to smell the light fragrance on my lips throughout the day!

    If you a lip balm addict like me, then I highly recommend the double dipped lip balm from Not Soap Radio available through EdenFantasys. Your lips and nose will thank you! Also be sure to check out the other great beauty and body products available through EdenFantasys.

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    Opened Tins of Double Dipped Lip Balm © 2012 Heather Johnson

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