Econobum Diaper Cover and Prefold Review

Ribbit Econobum Diaper Cover 1When I first switched to cloth diapers, the first brand that I tried was Best Bottom. Since switching to cloth, I have also tried a handful of other diaper brands, most of which were pocket diapers. However, I must admit that I prefer a diaper cover with an insert over a pocket diaper because I like being able to change just the insert and not the whole diaper. Thus, when I came across an Econobum diaper cover with one prefold on clearance, I jumped at the chance to try a different kind of cloth diaper shell.

Econobum diapering systems consist of one-size diaper covers and cotton prefolds. I chose the ribbit, which is white with green trim. Other available color combinations include white with pink trim, white with blue trim, and white with white trim. Although I would love to see more variety in the color options, I understand that Econobum is a cloth diapering solution for families on more restricted budgets. With only four color choices, Econobum can offer its diaper covers for only $8.95.

Similar to other cloth diaper shells, Econobum covers consist of 100% laminated polyester. Upon first taking my Econobum cover out of the packaging, I could immediately tell that this cloth diaper is a bargain cloth diaper. The material is much thinner than my other shells such as my more expensive Best Bottom shells and my Flip shells. However, despite the thinner material, I am still pleased with the construction and quality of my Econobum cover. I particularly love the way in which this diaper fits around my daughter’s back. I have had absolutely no problems with gapping with my Econobum cover.

Ribbit Econobum Diaper Cover 2 Ribbit Econobum Diaper Cover 3

As a one-size diaper shell, the Econobum cover fits a baby from birth to potty training, which means eight to thirty-five pounds. The front of the shell includes three rows of torso snaps, so the diaper adjusts between small, medium, and large sizes. A single row of waist snaps allow the diaper to fit around the waist of a thinner newborn on up to a chunkier toddler. Because I am using my Econobum cover as a nighttime diaper on my daughter, I have the cover set to the largest torso setting and the middle waist setting. At twenty pounds, my daughter still has room to grow in her Econobum diaper, so I am confident that this diaper truly does fit a baby from birth to potty training.

The Econobum cover is the first cloth diaper that I have used with a prefold. I really love the snap-in feature of my Best Bottom shells and inserts. I was a little reluctant at first to use a prefold because I could not secure the insert to the shell. However, as a nighttime diaper, my Econobum prefold and cover works great! The unbleached cotton is extremely soft and incredibly absorbent. I am even able to tuck a Best Bottom hemp insert and a FuzziBunz minky insert inside the folded prefold for extra absorbency overnight.

Ribbit Econobum Diaper Cover 4 Ribbit Econobum Diaper Cover 5

Aside from the lack of color combinations, the only other aspect of the Econobum diaper cover that I would change is the single leg gussets. I personally love double leg gussets because the pee and poop stays inside the diaper better. Especially with a nighttime diaper, I worry about my daughter shifting around in her sleep, which sometimes results in leaks. If I could make one improvement to the Econobum cover, I would add double leg gussets.

Final Verdict: I really like my Econobum diaper cover and prefold system. In fact, I have integrated my Econobum cover into my rotation of nighttime diapers. With the addition of two extra inserts, the diaper lasts up to the thirteen hours that my daughter sometimes sleeps without any leaking. Although I would prefer to see a double leg gusset, I do love the way in which the Econobum cover fits around my daughter’s waist. If you are looking for a budget-friendly cloth diaper, then I highly recommend Econobum.

Also check out my Ribbit Econobum: Daily Diaper for pictures of this diaper cover in action.

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