Expanding My Cloth Diaper Stash: Another Trip to the Cloth Diaper Store

I can admit that I am addicted to cloth diapers. A recent cloth diaper meme circulating on Facebook sums up my experience with cloth diapers perfectly:

Cloth Diaper Stash Meme

When James and I first started out with cloth diapers for our daughter, we bought three Best Bottom diaper shells, twelve Best Bottom medium inserts, one Blueberry pocket diaper, and three pocket diaper inserts. Since that time, my cloth diaper stash has grown considerably. I used to wash my cloth diapers every day. Now I have enough to wash only every other day. However, I surely did not have enough, so, as soon as I got paid, I put in another order for some more Best Bottoms. I like the pocket diapers that I have accumulated since beginning with cloth diapering in March, but I love my Best Bottoms!

Pinstripes and Polkadots is a nearby cloth diaper store. What I like best about this cloth diaper retailer is that I can not only make online purchases that are mailed to me but I can also visit the showroom in person as well as pick up my online order.

For my most recent purchase, I bought three more Best Bottom diaper shells in blue moon (baby blue with sage trim), orange sherbet (orange with blue trim), and strawberry shortcake (pink with cream trim). The pink and blue diapers match a lot of Poppy’s outfits. The orange with blue is for her to wear while she watches football, specifically the Bears, with her daddy this fall. I also bought ten large Best Bottom inserts. Poppy is still on the medium size, but she will soon be in the large, so I wanted to be prepared.

My Order Outside the Cloth Diaper Store My Cloth Diapers Inside the Bag

So, last Friday before we headed out to the pool, Poppy and I stopped by the cloth diaper store to pick up our order. As promised, the bag with my cloth diapers was sitting right outside on the porch. I jumped out of the van and ran up. (The store is in a little residential neighborhood in the middle of the country, so I just let Poppy in her car seat in the air conditioned van while I went the twenty or so feet.) I was so excited for the latest addition to my cloth diaper stash! As soon as we got home later that afternoon, I popped everything in the washer so that Poppy could wear her new pink diaper to my aunt’s wedding the next day.

Best Bottom Diapers Shells and Large Inserts

And, yes, although my cloth diaper stash is now considerably larger, I still do not have nearly enough diapers. Watch out next paycheck: I have plans for you that involve more cloth diapers (and, of course, I will set a little aside for my daughter’s future education).

Will your cloth diaper stash ever be big enough?

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My Order Outside the Cloth Diaper Store © 2012 Heather Johnson
My Cloth Diapers Inside the Bag © 2012 Heather Johnson
Best Bottom Diapers Shells and Large Inserts © 2012 Heather Johnson

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