Favorite Childhood Holiday Memories: Winter Blog Challenge Prompt 4

Winter Blog Challenge

The Winter Blog Challenge prompt for today asks, “What is your favorite childhood holiday memory?”

I have three favorite childhood holiday memories. The first is baking Christmas cookies with my mom. Every year my brothers and I would help my mom make batches and batches of sugar cookies, peanut butter kiss cookies, thumbprint cookies, and other holiday decadents. Each year I still help my mom bake sugar cookies (she is coming over later tonight to bake), and now I am super excited to be sharing the tradition of baking Christmas cookies with my daughter.

My second favorite holiday memory is going shopping with my dad. I loved walking around the mall with him, taking in all the beautiful Christmas displays and decorations. My favorite place to window shop was Bergner’s. I absolutely loved (and still love) looking at all of their Christmas decorations.

Finally, my third favorite holiday memory is going to see a huge display of Christmas lights in a park at a nearby town with my grandparents. This city decked out the entire park with Christmas lights to create an absolute winter wonderland. Going to see the display with my grandparents still brings a smile to my face.

Christmas Lights Tree and Snowman

What is your favorite childhood holiday memory?

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Christmas Lights Tree and Snowman: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Christmas_lights_trees_and_snowman.jpg

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