Fluff Mail: The Arrival of My Sunbaby Diapers and Bamboo Inserts

Sunbaby Cloth Diapers and Bamboo InsertsAlthough I would love to continue buying more and more cloth diapers for my cloth diaper stash, I am now at the point at which I can admit that I have enough diapers. My daughter and I just returned from a six day vacation. Because I had never traveled with cloth diapers before, I brought my entire stash. With washing the dirty diapers on the third day of the trip, I still used only half of my stash. In other words, I have more than enough cloth diapers!

Even still, I was quite pleased when my latest cloth diaper purchase arrived in the mail today. At the beginning of July, I had bought six Sunbaby diapers and twelve bamboo inserts for the reasonable price of $51 with free shipping! I had been hoping that my order would arrive before my daughter and I left for our trip, although I now know that I definitely did not need the extra diapers.

Sunbaby Bamboo InsertsHaving recently tried and liked Sunbaby diapers, I had decided to buy a few more to add to my cloth diaper stash. I picked out six adorable prints for my baby girl: pink dot, brown paisley, paint, wild, music, and argyle. I also ordered twelve bamboo inserts to try. Upon receiving my order, I was surprised but delighted to discover that the Sunbaby bamboo inserts are extremely thin, about as thin as my Blueberry bamboo insert. I am super excited to try the Sunbaby brand of bamboo inserts. My daughter’s overnight diapers will definitely be a lot less bulky with a thinner insert!

Do I finally have enough cloth diapers in my cloth diaper stash? Definitely yes. Will I now stop buying cloth diapers for my daughter? Definitely not. There are just too many more cute prints and colors available to stop. Plus, when I can get a diaper for about $6, why should I stop?! My cloth diaper stash may be large enough, but I am not going to stop buying new diapers completely. I may slow down a bit, but I will not stop.

What was your last cloth diaper purchase?

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Sunbaby Cloth Diapers and Bamboo Inserts © 2012 Heather Johnson
Sunbaby Bamboo Inserts © 2012 Heather Johnson

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