Four Reasons Parents Choose Not to Vaccinate Their Children [Guest Post]

Polio Drops VaccineChildhood vaccinations have been around for decades, and vaccination has been a pretty standard practice for parents to take their kids to the doctor at the prescribed times to keep them current on their immunizations; however, now parents are beginning to take a stand against vaccines, opting to withhold vaccinations for the health of their children. This has stirred up quite a bit of controversy regarding the subject, and more and more parents are starting to really take a look at if immunizing their children is actually beneficial or if the practice is doing more harm than good. Here are four reasons that parents may choose not to vaccinate their kids:

  1. There is not enough medical research regarding the long-term effects of vaccinations. These days kids are instructed to get a plethora of vaccinations, but not all of the vaccinations have been in effect for long enough to know if there are any potentially harmful long term side effects. On the other hand, kids have been going without immunizations for years with no consequences, which begs the question as to if the vaccinations are actually necessary or not.
  2. Vaccinations could result in an increased risk of autism. As the number of vaccinations kids are required to get has risen, so has the number of kids who are suffering from autism. Many parents believe that there is a definitive link between the two and opt out of immunizing their kids because of this.
  3. Increased immunizations could be making our kids less healthy. In addition to the increased number of children being diagnosed with autism, there has also been a drastic increase in the number of unhealthy children. Many parents feel that this is a direct result of the growing immunization schedule, resulting in kids suffering from chronic conditions that were never a problem before now.
  4. Funding for vaccination research has largely been conducted by pharmaceutical companies. It is in the best interest of the pharmaceutical companies to provide research that immunizations are good and necessary for children; however, they also are the people who directly benefit from the immunizations. That raises the question to how valid these statements really are, as these companies need to turn a profit from children receiving these vaccinations.

For all the strong reasons there are to opt out of vaccinating your children, there are just as many compelling reasons to adhere to the implemented immunization schedule. Choosing to vaccinate your children or to abstain from the common childhood immunization schedule is a very personal choice and one that should be made after doing plenty of research to see what meshes well with your personal beliefs.

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