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Apricot Ave Subscription Box Giveaway

Apricot Ave Subscription Box Giveaway

Welcome to the Apricot Ave Subscription Box Giveaway! Use coupon code MOMMA20 to save 20% off your initial box at Apricot Ave. With Apricot Ave, your child will receive a package containing one or two pieces of apparel with fun and creative designs. To subscribe, simply choose whether the box is for a boy or a girl and then select a size. As your child grows, simply update your account with the new size. Boxes cost $12 a month for one piece and $22 a month for two.

 One lucky reader of The Parenting Patch will win one (1) 3-month subscription to Apricot Ave. To enter for your chance to win the Apricot Ave Subscription Box Giveaway, simply use the following entry form. Good luck!


The Apricot Ave Subscription Box Giveaway is open to legal residents of the United States of America. Void where prohibited. Giveaway is not affiliated or associated with Facebook or any other social media platform. Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM CST on April 11, 2017. One winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be sent an email and will have forty-eight hours to respond. If no response is received within forty-eight hours, another winner will be chosen. The Parenting Patch is not responsible for prize fulfillment. If the winner is a current Apricot Ave customer, the prize will double to a 6-month subscription.

Level 4 Post

  • My favorite gift is always anything chocolate!

  • Those are wonderful Valentine’s gifts and thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  • Anne Perry

    A berky water filtration system.

  • Christa Lopez

    The best gift was a huge box of chocolates!

  • The best gift I ever got for Valentine’s Day was a handmade one. I love when thought goes in to a present.

  • Dawn Schamp-Monzu

    My husband (now unfortunately, ex-husband) bought me an amazing Spa gift card. It was awesome! I got a massage, got my haircut, my nails and toes done…and more! I loved it.

  • Heather

    The best Valentine’s gift was art work made just for me by my daughter. It was so thoughtful.

  • Sondrabelle

    My granddaughter!

  • jill190

    Thank you so much the book is for this happy little girl.

  • Alicia Owen

    I have a 4 month old and could use a lot of this stuff!

  • I start shopping for back to school supplies whenever I find sales!

  • Jessica Padilla

    My tip for back to school is to buy the school supplies at least one month in advance because you will not find everything needed in one location.

  • Toya reed

    I’d love to win this giveaway for my three girls we could use all the help.

  • gina blades

    My tip is to cover all books with brown paper grocery bags.

  • Christy DuBois

    Thank you so much for this generous giveaway. I feel like any one of us would benefit so much from this.

  • Brandi Hammel

    I stock up from the year before sales! Whenever the back to school sales are coming to an end and they are clearance really well, that’s when i buy for the following year. Saves our family so much money!

  • Brandi Strunk

    My tip is to shop at a second hand store for back to school clothes!

  • Wendy Graham

    We have a craft cupboard with one shelf designated as School Stuff. I am always looking for supplies on sale, so it is a year round habit to “pick it up when you see it”.

  • binabug

    For us it was backpacks…buy a good quality one like you find at the university or tech schools. They are made to last, are bigger and are a necessity !! Mine from 1988 finally got a hole in it!!

  • Amanda

    I start getting the kids up early a couple weeks before school starts so they are prepared.

  • Katie M

    My tip is to set their outfit out the night before so it makes the morning go a little smoother.

  • Dawn Keenan

    My tip is to not wait until the last minute to do your shopping, because everything starts getting picked over.

  • Amber Ludwig

    Start a routine a few weeks before actual start of school!! Do clothes and lunches the night before and get excited!! Make it super fun instead of stressful!!

  • Erika926

    My tip is to check weekly for different store ads for great deals.

  • Angela Y

    I try not to wait until the last minute, but shop sales during the summer instead.

  • Carol Roberts clark

    have clothes ready the day before saves time

  • Rachel Hore

    My daughter will be starting school soon. This would be perfect:)

  • amanda whitley

    my tip is to stock up on school supplies for future years when they are cheap throughout the year.

  • Diana

    My tip is to stock up on clearance items at the end of the year for the next year!

  • niki4nu

    My best tip is to wait for the list from the teacher and only get what you need. Find sales and start off the school year adding to the summer wardrobe. As the seasons start to change then add more clothing shoes as needed.

  • Candice Lannin

    My tip is to not cheap out on certain things, like lunch bags, shoes, and back packs. You really do get what you pay for with certain items, so watch for sales instead.

  • Laura ari

    My back to school tip is stock up at sales a little at a time that way you don’t have a huge bill right before you go back to school.

  • Steph Box

    My tip is to always stock up on pencils, underwear, shorts/pants, and paper.

  • Claiborne

    I like freezing sandwiches for the week and doling them out as I go.

  • Saurav Rath

    i would really like to have some cash first before I decide about my back to school

  • Heather D

    I do my BTS shopping early in the season and in the dead of night to avoid the crowds.

  • Rob Hestar

    My tip is to shop at a second hand store! 🙂

  • Candace Estelle

    Coupons! Flash deals!

  • Eva Kuckuchling

    My tip is to shop for clothes at thrift stores and Craigslist and to use reusables as much as possible (cloth napkins, hankies, snack bags, sandwich wrappers, water bottles etc)

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