Giving a Baby a Shower

BathtubHow do you bathe your baby? When my daughter was a newborn, I mostly gave her quick sponge baths using a warm washcloth. Once her umbilical cord stump dried up and fell off, I would occasionally give her a bath in her little bathtub in the bathroom or in the kitchen sink. However, I mostly ended up using the baby bathtub as a dirty laundry basket. I also ended up using the baby bathtub as a cradle for my daughter.

My daughter is just like her mommy, preferring to take showers, and, before I brought her in the shower with me, I needed somewhere safe for her to lay. I would put the baby bathtub on the floor next to the shower, wrap my daughter up in some towels to keep her warm, take my shower, and then grab her from the tub and bring her in with me. She would happily lay in the baby bathtub while I washed my hair and soaped up. Once I was ready for her, I would unwrap her from the towels and bring her into the shower. Once she was clean, I would wrap her up in a dry towel and place her back in the baby bathtub while I dried off.

Poppy has always loved the shower. When she was a newborn, I would hold her tightly in my arms while the water washed over her. When she got a little bigger and could hold herself up more, I would sit down in the tub with her while the shower water ran over us. She liked to try to play with the bottles of shampoo and soap. Now that she can sit on her own, though, I just bring her in with me for the entire shower. Making sure that the water stays warm enough, I sit Poppy down on the floor of the tub. She plays with one of her bath toys while I shampoo and soap myself. After I am clean, I wash her off. She is happy, and I get a shower that is uninterrupted with crying.

Some babies do not like when the shower water runs over their little bodies. My daughter, however, loves hanging out in the shower. In fact, she likes to take a shower more than she likes to take a bath. I do not bathe my daughter every day (only when she is dirty), but, when she does need to get clean, she loves hopping in the shower with her mommy!

Does your baby prefer a bath or a shower?

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