Introducing Foxtrot and Foxy Frolic: New Prints from Best Bottom

Big news from Best Bottom Diapers! Two new adorable prints are currently available for pre-order for retailers: Foxtrot and Foxy Frolic. Neither print has yet been released to the public, but some retailers have both shells on sale for pre-order.

Foxtrot is a white diaper with a teal, orange, and brown fox print and brown trim. Foxy Frolic is a white diaper with a purple, teal, and lime fox print and purple trim. Foxtrot is meant for little boys, and Foxy Frolic is meant for little girls. However, I think that both prints would work for either gender.

As a Best Bottom collector, I will of course be ordering both as soon as Nicki’s Diapers gets some in stock. I have the other twenty-two shells. My purchase of Foxtrot and Foxy Frolic will bring my collection to an even two dozen Best Bottom shells. I will let my avid readers know as soon as I do when the new prints are available.

Foxtrot and Foxy Frolic Best Bottoms

Will you be snatching up the two new prints — Foxtrot and Foxy Frolic — from Best Bottom?

Update: Foxtrot and Foxy Frolic are now available through Nicki’s Diapers. Shipping of Best Bottom Diapers is free to the United States. If you order either or both (or anything), please use my affiliate link to Nicki’s Diapers. Thanks! And use the coupon code MSMP for an additional 5% off.

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