Introducing New Prints from Best Bottom Diapers

The wait is finally over! Best Bottom Diapers finally released its new line of prints. I have wanting to add a few more covers to my stash for a few weeks now. In particular, I have my eye on the mint chocolate chip (sage green with brown trim) and the moo-licious (cow print with black trim). I also want to get a few more overnight and Stay Dry inserts. With the release of three new prints, I can say that I will also be adding a few more covers to my next cloth diaper purchase.

Without further ado, here are the three newly released Best Bottom prints that will go on sale at cloth diaper retailers around the world within the next week or so: plum pie, huckleberry cobbler, and hedgehog. The plum pie is a purple diaper with a green trim. The huckleberry cobbler is a dark blue diaper with a green trim. The hedgehog is a gray diaper with a yellow, white, and gray hedgehog print and a yellow trim. I can already envision my daughter in both the plum pie and the huckleberry cobbler.

Plum Pie, Huckleberry Cobbler, and Hedgehog Best Bottoms

Will you be adding any of the new Best Bottom prints to your cloth diaper stash?

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Plum Pie, Huckleberry Cobbler, and Hedgehog Best Bottoms:

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