Introducing Solid Foods: Poppy’s First Taste of Sweet Potatoes

Mommy Feeding Poppy Her First Sweet PotatoesToday my daughter is six months old. Per the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, the only food that she has eaten for the first six months of her life was my breast milk. Up until I went back to work at the beginning of April, I exclusively breastfed my daughter. I had also been pumping to store up a frozen stash of my milk. When I did go back to work part time, my husband fed our daughter up to six ounces of milk in a bottle. No other food passed her adorable little lips.

Now that my daughter is six months old, my husband and I will begin to slowly introduce solid foods into her diet. For the most part, I will continue breastfeeding, and my daughter will get most of her nutrients from my breast milk. However, we will also be introducing solid foods to her.

Although I might buy some prepared baby food every now and again such as when my mom, my daughter, and I go to our family reunion later this summer, I am planning on making almost all of the food that I feed to my daughter. For the past couple weeks, I have been cooking and mashing up an assortment of vegetables and fruits that I am storing in the freezer. I have a few baby food freezer cubes, but primarily I am freezing my homemade baby food in ice cube trays and then storing the frozen baby food cubes in labeled freezer bags. Making my own baby food is so easy and so much more nutritious.

For her very first solid food, Poppy got her first taste of sweet potatoes before I left for work today. Our plan is for my husband to feed our daughter while I am at work, and I will breastfeed her most of the rest of the time. However, I wanted to be the first person to feed our daughter her first bite of solid. And what did Poppy think about her sweet potatoes?

After belting her into her high chair and putting a big bib around her neck, I gave Poppy her first taste of the sweet potatoes that I had prepared for her. The look on her face at her first taste of big girl food was priceless. However, I did manage to get almost all of the food into her mouth and stomach. Very little got onto the bib. Throughout her first big girl meal, Poppy was smiling and only occasionally gave us a perplexed look at the new taste in her mouth. So, overall, I would say that sweet potatoes were a big hit. Next up, carrots!

How did your baby react when you first introduced solid foods?

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