Learn When to Use Rear-Facing Versus Forward-Facing Car Seats and Booster Seats

Knowing when your child should be moved from a rear-facing car seat position to a forward-facing car seat or booster seat could literally save your child’s life.

In celebration of child safety week, the team at Chicco have put together an infographic that in no uncertain terms explains the age and height suggestions for securing your child.

As you will notice, a child should remain in a rear-facing position until the age of two at which point they can be moved to a forward-facing seat from ages two- to seven-years-old.  A booster seat can then be used once your child reaches four-years-old and can continue to be used until the age of twelve. In the meantime, an eight-year-old child can be moved to a regular seat if they happen to grow incredibly fast and reach 4’9″ tall.

Check out the tips at the bottom of this infographic for more information regarding child car seat safety. (Click the image to enlarge.)

Are You Using the Correct Car Seat?

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