Making Valentines with a Toddler: Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Parenting Patch! Poppy and I have been very busy making homemade valentines for our family and friends. Even though she is still a toddler, I am already finding fun crafts for Poppy and I to make together. For Valentine’s Day this year, she and I made handmade valentines.

To make our valentines, Poppy and I first took a trip to our local Michaels for supplies. Since my daughter is still so young, I decided to keep our craft very simple. I bought blank heart valentines and Valentine’s Day stickers. When Poppy and I sat down to make our valentines, I began by writing “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the front of each card with a red permanent marker. I then decorated the cards with the stickers. Poppy really loved playing with the two thicker stickers that I gave her! I finally addressed the inside of each card to our family and friends, again with the red marker.

Blank Heart Valentines Writing on the Blank Valentines

Valentine's Day Stickers Poppy Playing with a Heart Sticker

Finished Valentine Valentines Made with the Help of a Toddler

Our homemade valentines turned out beautifully. The best part of our craft, however, was the simplicity. Even the least crafty toddler-parent pair can make some fun handmade valentines using blank cards and stickers.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Also be sure to enter my Valentine’s Day Body Butter Giveaway, which ends tonight at midnight!

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Blank Heart Valentines © 2013 Heather Johnson
Writing on the Blank Valentines © 2013 Heather Johnson
Valentine’s Day Stickers © 2013 Heather Johnson
Poppy Playing with a Heart Sticker © 2013 Heather Johnson
Finished Valentine © 2013 Heather Johnson
Valentines Made with the Help of a Toddler © 2013 Heather Johnson

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