Mission Impossible Babies: Awesome Escapes from Cribs and Baby Gates

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A new viral video is taking the web by storm that features a favorite topic at The Parenting Patch: babies!

The video shows a bunch of “mission impossible babies” as the tots escape from their cribs and climb over baby gates. One baby even figures out how to open a door for the first time.

With our daughter the escape artist, we sure can relate to the freak outs some of these parents must have experienced at seeing their “mission impossible babies.”

Throw in the Mission Impossible theme song, and this video is definitely worth a viewing.


Watch these ‘Mission: Impossible’ toddlers make their escapes: http://now.msn.com/mission-impossible-babies-escape-in-viral-video

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Children Escape from Cribs: http://now.msn.com/mission-impossible-babies-escape-in-viral-video

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