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More Favorite Puppy Treats: Another Punny Espentorial

As a puppy, I love food. In fact, getting fed by my mommy and daddy is one of my favorite daily activities. Now that my little sister is eating solid foods, I also sometimes gets food that she drops on the floor or spits out. Yum! To follow up on my previous list of punny puppy treats, here are some more of my favorite (dog) foods:

  • Naturally Delish Chicken Paw PieChicken paw pie (chicken pot pie)
  • Chicken pup pie (chicken pot pie)
  • Muttballs (meatballs)
  • Muttcadamia nuts (macadamia nuts)
  • Muttcaroni and cheese (macaroni and cheese)
  • Muttcaroons (macaroons)
  • Mutted milk balls (malted milk balls)
  • Mutterey jack cheese (Monterey jack cheese)
  • Muttfins (muffins)
  • Mutticotti (manicotti)
  • Mutti-grain bread (multi-grain bread)
  • Muttkerel (mackerel)
  • Muttloaf (meatloaf)
  • Muttmallows (marshmallows)
  • Mutton (mutton)
  • Muttonnaise (mayonnaise)
  • Muttstacholi (mostacholi)
  • Muttstard greens (mustard greens)
  • Muttster cheese (muenster cheese)
  • Muttzarella cheese (mozzarella cheese)
  • Muttzo (matzo)

Did my list of my favorite people foods tickle your punny bone? Can you think of any other dog treats that I might like?

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Naturally Delish Chicken Paw Pie © 2012 Heather Johnson


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