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Mother with Two Uteruses Gives Birth to Healthy Twins

Healthy Twin BabiesNathan and Natalie Barbosa are not your typical twins. The babies, who were born at Morton Plant Hospital over the weekend, were born to a mother with not one uterus but two.

Andreea Barbosa has a very rare medical condition called uterus didelphys that can often lead to infertility, and what makes her case all the more impressive is that she and her husband conceived their boy and girl without the use of any reproductive medicine.

According to Andreea’s obstetrician, Dr. Patricia St. John, the chance of such a twin pregnancy is just 1 in 5 million. According to St. John, in order for the twins to be viable, she had to release two eggs at one time, and both had to be fertilized and implanted successfully while then developing into viable pregnancies.

What makes her case even more exceptional is that, unlike many women with her condition, she did not experience painful and abnormal menstrual cycles; in fact, she had no sign of issues.

Both babies were born healthy with Nathan at 5 pounds 8 ounces and Natalie at 5 pounds 10 ounces.


Mother with uterus didelphys, or two uteruses, has twins — one baby from each:

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Healthy Twin Babies:

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