Our First Trip to the Cloth Diaper Store

James and Poppy at the Cloth Diaper StoreLast Saturday, James and I took Poppy to PinStripes and PolkaDots, an online cloth diaper store that also offers a physical showroom. Although we have been putting our daughter in disposable diapers since she was born, we decided that the time had come to switch her to cloth. First, cloth diapers are so much better on her skin. Whenever she would get a little redness in her diaper area, I would make a diaper out of an old towel and let her air out in cloth for a little while. In as little as half an hour of wearing this makeshift cloth diaper, Poppy was completely free of redness and irritation.

Second, although cloth diapers are more expensive initially, the financial savings in the long run is so worth the initial costs. Each cloth diaper costs around $20 plus the cost of inserts. However, by returning just a few packages of disposable diapers that I had previously bought, James and I got $125 back, which was almost enough to pay for all four of the cloth diapers plus the inserts that we ended up buying on Saturday. Plus, because cloth diapers are reusable, the money that we ended up spending will last us. No more throwing away our money with the dirty diapers!

Heather and Poppy at the Cloth Diaper Store With the help of the woman who owns the diaper store, James and I picked out four cloth diapers. For overnight, we picked out an adorable pink and orange butterfly and flower pocket diaper from Blueberry. We also got two bamboo inserts for super absorbency and one cotton insert for quick absorbency. We also picked out three Best Bottoms diaper shells and twelve Best Bottoms inserts for daytime use. The patterns that we picked were purple with lilac trim, brown with pink giraffes, and green with white trim. So cute!

We are absolutely pleased as punch with our new cloth diapers. First, I love the overnight diaper. Poppy goes for twelve hours at night without a diaper change. (I am not about to wake a sleeping baby to change a wet diaper that is not bothering her!) With disposables, I was always worrying about leaking because the disposables did leak at least a few times a week. We have yet to have a leak problem with the cloth diaper. In fact, when I wake Poppy up in the morning, her diaper still has some room for more pee!

I also really love the Best Bottoms that we use during the days. I love how easy the inserts are to use. Poppy goes up to four hours during the day between diaper changes. We have not had any leaking issues yet with the cloth diapers. And, although the poop did get onto the shell with a couple of her dirty diapers, washing the inserts is easy. Plus, with just wet diapers, I can simply reuse the diaper shell with a new insert.

Blueberry Cloth Diaper Pocket Diaper Inserts

I wash our small stash of cloth diapers every day (which is really easy, by the way). However, I have already bought one more overnight pocket diaper to try out. I am totally hooked on cloth diapers! The benefits are just so wonderful. Plus, Poppy likes cloth better, and she looks so cute in all the adorable prints and colors!

Stuffed Blueberry Diaper

Was your first experience with cloth diapers as wonderful as mine?

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James and Poppy at the Cloth Diaper Store © 2012 Heather Johnson
Heather and Poppy at the Cloth Diaper Store © 2012 James Johnson
Blueberry Cloth Diaper © 2012 Heather Johnson
Pocket Diaper Inserts © 2012 Heather Johnson
Stuffed Blueberry Diaper © 2012 Heather Johnson

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