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Personalized Birthday Wishes from the Portable North Pole

Personalized Santa Claus Birthday Greeting Screenshot 1My daughter’s first birthday is quickly approaching. I cannot believe that she will be one year old on December 12, which is less than three short months away. With her birthday being so close to Christmas, my husband and I want to make sure that the day of her birth is a special celebration separate from Christmas. However, with that caveat in mind, I recently discovered an adorable way to wish my daughter a very happy birthday with the help of Santa.

For a child with a birthday close to Christmas, a personalized birthday Santa Claus north pole greeting card is the perfect extra surprise to make a special day even more special. With the Portable North Pole, you can send your child (or anyone else special in your life) a very merry personalized birthday video message from Santa Claus!

Personalized Santa Claus Birthday Greeting Form ScreenshotTo send your child a personalized birthday greeting from Santa, simply go to the Portable North Pole website and click on the “Start Now” button. You then answer a short list of questions so that Santa can make a personalized video for you and your child. As I was making my video for my daughter, I was impressed with the “Very Pronunciation” feature. Santa was able to figure out the correct pronunciation for my daughter’s name as well as most of the other members of my family. The only name that he could not figure out was my dog’s name, Espen. However, unless your child is one of the rare Espens living in a Scandinavian country (for which you have only the option of choosing “My Friend” as the name that Santa says in the video), Santa will be able to include your child’s name in the personalized birthday greeting.

After I filled out all of the information for my daughter, I opted to view the streaming video immediately. As soon as Santa popped up on my screen, I was thoroughly impressed. The Santa in the greeting looks exactly like the Santa in my imagination: plump with a long white beard. Even his blue eyes and his wire-rim glasses look like the Santa that I always think of.

Personalized Santa Claus Birthday Greeting Screenshot 2The video greeting is simple but adorable. Santa talks to your child, saying his or her name twice. If you choose also to personalize the birthday greeting with a picture of your child, then your child is also featured on a calendar in Santa’s workshop. I loved seeing my daughter on the December 12 calendar page as Santa talked about her turning one year old. Priceless!

All of the birthday video greetings from Santa that you create will be sent to an email address forty-eight hours before your child’s birthday. You can also opt to buy a keepsake copy of the video for a reasonable $1.99.

In addition to the personalized birthday greeting from Santa, the Portable North Pole website also offers a few other cool features. While looking around the website, I discovered a “Behind the Scenes” section, which is cleverly described as an “elf-run organization [that] helps demystify life in Santa’s village and separates fact from fiction.” For example, want to know how Santa’s reindeer can fly? A spokes-elf explains: “Reindeer can fly thanks to a magic lichen that can only grow here in the North Pole. The elves responsible for the reindeer (also called Holhoojas) are the only ones who know where this lichen grows and how to make the potion that activates its magical properties.” What about how Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice? “[O]nly 1% of the elf population lives in Santa’s Village. The majority of elves live here on Earth…in our homes, offices and schools. And they’re keeping an eye on us! These elves report back to Santa to tell him what all the children are doing. This information is then compiled and analyzed by a mysterious machine that gives a final result to Santa: naughty or nice?”

So, if you are looking for a fun way to make your child’s birthday a little more special, then I highly recommend that you check out the Portable North Pole for a personalized birthday Santa Claus north pole greeting card for your little one. I know that I can hardly wait to see the look for wonder in my daughter’s eyes when she sees her birthday greeting from Santa on her first birthday!

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