Poppy’s First Family Wedding

James, Poppy, and Heather at the WeddingOn Saturday, my aunt (my mom’s sister) got married. To help her celebrate, James, Poppy, my mom, and I made the two hour trip up north that afternoon. I have to say that, even though the car ride was rather long, Poppy had a great time at the wedding and was a super good little girl.

We left our house at 2:00 in the afternoon and arrived at the church at about 4:15. The wedding, which was simple but beautiful, started at 5:00 and lasted only a half an hour. Poppy was so well behaved. One of her cousins had to be taken out of the room, but Poppy just sat happily on her daddy’s lap, occasionally bouncing up and down and spending a few minutes chewing on the paper wedding program.

The dinner reception started at 6:30 at a quaint little Italian restaurant. Poppy ate a few bites of peas and blueberry with yellow squash that I had brought, but she really wanted to try some of the food that was being served. She really liked the tomatoes on the bruschetta as well as the chicken marsala. Mostly, however, she nursed. She even took a good little nap while dream feeding while I ate the majority of my dinner.

Poppy’s favorite part of the evening, however, was the dancing. For their first dance, my aunt and new uncle danced to a live jazz band in the piano bar of the restaurant. I danced with my husband while Poppy danced with my mom. She loved the music and really loved the band. She stared at the guitar and the lights on the pedals almost the entire time. I had to have known that she would love jazz music. I listened to jazz almost all of the second and third trimesters of my pregnancy because jazz just feels like fall and Christmas to me!

We finally got back home at 12:30 that night. The day had been exhausting but was also incredibly fun. Poppy was just a good little girl the entire time too. So, congratulations to my aunt, and please join me in welcoming my new uncle to the family!

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