Poppy’s First Swim Adventure: Swimming in a Pool on Our Weekend Vacation

Mommy and Poppy SwimmingWhile on our weekend vacation last week, James and I took Poppy swimming for the first time. Prior to going on our trip, I had bought her an adorable pink and white swimsuit with frillies around the waist. I also bought her a package of swim diapers. I was so excited to be taking my daughter into a pool for the first time. She loves taking baths and showers so much that I was sure she was going to love the pool as well.

After we put on our swimming suits, James and I carried Poppy down to the pool area of the hotel. I then slowly eased Poppy down into the water by walking down the steps in the shallow end of the pool. When I first put her in the water, she seemed happy. The water was warm enough to be bath water, so she was happy with the temperature. I sat on the steps and held Poppy on my knee. She loved when I made her arms and legs splash in the water. Poppy also liked being wrapped up in a warm towel after we were done swimming. She especially liked being wrapped up all cozy in my arms and being able to stare up at the lights on the pool room ceiling.

The only part about our first time swimming that Poppy disliked was the first time that another kid jumped into the pool and splashed her. When the water hit her in the face, she was quite startled and started to cry a little bit. However, once she realized that the splashing pool water was just like the water flowing down over her in the shower, she was happy again.

When we got to Nashville later in our trip, I again took Poppy swimming. However, the pool at the Nashville Drury was much colder. This pool was half inside and half outside. Because the weather was cold and snowy, the pool water temperature had dipped down a bit during the day. When I first took Poppy in this pool, she was fine for a few seconds but then started freaking out because of the cold. I therefore took her into the hot tub, which was a much more tolerable temperature. I again sat on the steps into the hot tub and held Poppy on my lap. I made sure to keep her chest above the warmer water to make sure that she did not get too hot, but she really loved my splashing her feet in the hot water. She also loved looking around at the other people in the pool area. One little boy who was probably six or seven even said that Poppy was so cute. Uh, oh! Does Daddy need to worry about the boys already?

I am so glad that my daughter enjoyed her first experience in a pool. I knew she would because she loves baths and showers so much. Once summer comes around, we will buy her a little wadding pool so that she can continue her love of the water and swimming in our own backyard.

Mommy and Poppy Drying Off

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Mommy and Poppy Swimming © 2012 James Johnson
Mommy and Poppy Drying Off © 2012 James Johnson

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