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Welcome to the Saturday Sow! Each week, The Parenting Patch will be planting a seed to help a fellow blogger grow. This week I am interviewing Jamie Patterson of The Patty’s. If you are interested in being interviewed for the Saturday Sow, please contact Heather at with your blog URL.

Saturday Sow

Jamie Patterson is the wife a talented, magical man named Ryan. Jamie and Ryan live in The Peach State. They believe in love, the Lord, family, and a nice southern day in their lovely state. They were so excited to find out that they were expecting a little girl in December. Jamie’s blog is all about the life, love and adventures of The Patty’s.

The Patty's

Hi, Jamie! Welcome to the very first edition of the Saturday Sow. How long have you been writing a blog, and what made you get into blogging in the first place?

Well, I’ve been writing in the blogging community since I was in high school. I started out writing about politics, which I am very passionate about. I started taking creative writing classes, which helped me a lot, and I decided to start a personal blog last Fall. I really enjoy sharing my life in a creative way.

You recently moved your blog from Tumblr to WordPress. Can you share a little about your decision to do so? Did the decision have to do with your personal values, or was the move to WordPress purely technological?

Yes, I was hosting my blog over at Tumblr, which is where I started blogging in the first place. I switched to WordPress due to the incoming community to Tumblr. I felt like I didn’t have anything in common with the community anymore. I’ve always been a bit mature for my age, hence being married with a baby on the way at 22. I just felt like the pregnancy/parenting community over there was a little immature for my taste. Don’t get me wrong: I have some dear friends still over at Tumblr who are blooming with talent and wonderful stories to tell. It’s just that the majority of the bloggers don’t use their creativity towards writing.

I see that you are expecting a little girl in December. Congratulations! Can you share a little about your pregnancy so far?

Thank you! We are beyond excited! My pregnancy has been pretty great so far. I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I had minimal nausea in the beginning and have been pretty energized in my second trimester. We’re almost to the halfway mark and can’t wait to meet her in December!

You have been writing weekly pregnancy update posts. What made you decide to share your pregnancy week by week?

My family is spread out across the United States. Both sets of parents work in politics and travel non-stop. We have grandparents in Texas, cousins in Missouri, aunts and uncles in Oklahoma…we’re really spread out. I thought this would be a cool way to keep everyone updated…and sort of like a little scrapbook to look back on at the end.

I love the weekly pictures that you have been taking to document your pregnancy. Tell me a little big more about these photos.

I love documenting things, and I am a picture taker by nature…but I’m not always the one in front of the camera. In this case, I needed a little help from my husband. Weekly (we try to do it on time, unlike the last 18 week update which was made ONE DAY before I turned 19 weeks) we find some time to take a few pictures of the growing bump. We think it will be really cool to see it as it grows. Sometimes we even include the fruit/veggie that Everleigh is supposed to be the size of that week.

Tell me a little about the letters you have been writing to your daughter, Everleigh.

I already love this little girl so much! Writing has always been a way to get my thoughts and feelings out, so these letters really make things feel real. We figure that when Everleigh is old enough to appreciate them, we can read them to her and she can know just how much we already loved her.

In one of your recent posts, you talk about eating for two. What are some of your favorite foods now that you are pregnant? Are there any foods that you used to love that you now cannot stand?

I really try to eat healthy, not just for me, but the baby too. There are some times when I need some McNuggets, though (YUM!). I would say my favorite pregnancy foods would be ginger cookies, birthday cake pops from Starbuck’s, grilled cheese with tomato and spinach and a big bowl of tomato soup! I’m not really digging anything with beef, and I used to LOVE coffee but can’t stomach it now.

What kind of birth would you like to have? Where do you plan to have your baby? Who will be there?

I am planning a natural birth, although I know that things do happen. I would like to keep from inducing as long as possible, go as long as I can without an epidural, and hopefully avoid a c-section. The ultimate goal for us, is to have a healthy little girl. We are delivering at Gwinnett Medical Center. We’re very fortunate that it is, literally, 5 minutes down the road. We plan on staying home for as long as possible once the labor starts. This hospital is very supportive of natural births, and I am confident we made the right decision. As for who will be in the room…my husband. I really want this to be a relaxing experience.

What kinds of hopes and dreams do you have for your daughter?

Too many! My husband and I were just talking about if she were in the Olympics one day. But, seriously, we just want her to be happy. We want her to have a memorable, fun childhood. We want to teach her a good work ethic, to be kind, and love everyone. We want her to be herself.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with the readers?

I feel like I don’t give enough credit to my husband, Ryan. He really supports this blogging thing and actually calls it “work.” I feel like he’s humoring me, but I know he really does value what’s important to me. He’s the best partner in crime I could ask for.

To learn more about Jamie and her family, check out her blog The Patty’s. You can also follow Jamie on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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