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Some Parents Upset about Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry's Schweddy Balls Ice CreamSome jokes are tongue in cheek. Unfortunately, some parents are not finding Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavor, Schweddy Balls, very appetizing.

Inspired by the classic Saturday Night Live skit featuring Alec Baldwin, Ana Gasteyer, and Molly Shannon, Schweddy Balls is a vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum with fudge-covered rum and malt balls. The flavor is currently available only in a limited batch.

One Million Moms, a conservative offshoot of the American Family Association, is boycotting the new flavor, citing that the name is offensive. A post on the One Million Mom’s website urges parents to contact Ben & Jerry’s:

Please send Ben & Jerry’s Public Relations Manager, Sean Greenwood, an email letter requesting that no additional Schweddy Balls ice cream be distributed. Also, highly recommend they refrain from producing another batch with this name or any other offensive names or you will no longer be able to purchase their products.

Sean Greenwood, spokesman for Ben & Jerry’s counters: “The name is irreverent. But we’ve always been about having some irreverence and having some fun…We’re not trying to offend people. Our fans get the humor.”


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