Swimming and Sun Safety: Taking Poppy to Her First Outdoor Pool

Circo Baby SunglassesWith the weather so hot recently, I took Poppy to her first outdoor pool last Friday. She and I arrived at 2:00 in the afternoon and stayed for two hours, not leaving until 4:00. I was a little surprised that she wanted to stay so long, although I should have been expecting us to stay quite a while because my daughter loves water. We splashed around for the first hour. The pool that I took her to has a walk-in baby pool that goes up to a foot and a half at the deepest and that has fun water spray features. Then Poppy took a half hour nap while I nursed her right there in the water. Then we played for a little while longer before packing up to meet Daddy for dinner. Our first trip to the outdoor pool was definitely a fun success!

However, Poppy and I just did not jump into the pool willy-nilly. Swimming at an outdoor pool has me concerned about sun safety. I want to protect my daughter from getting sunburned. I also want to protect her eyes from damage from the sun. Thus, before stepping out of the changing room into the sun, I protected my precious baby from head to toe.

As I was getting Poppy ready for swimming, I first put on her swim diaper. Then, before I put her swimsuit on, I slathered her in baby sunscreen. I slathered sunscreen on her face and ears and neck as well as all over her body. While her sunscreen dried a little, I slathered myself up as well. I am very fair-skinned and burn easily. Although Poppy is slightly darker in skin tone than I am, she is still very light and would burn quickly.

Poppy Wearing Her Circo Sunglasses and PrincessAfter the sunscreen dried a bit, I then put Poppy’s swimsuit on her. I then put a little more sunscreen on her arms and legs where the swimming suit might have rubbed some of the original off. Finally, I put on Poppy’s sunglasses and her hat. Because my daughter will not wear her other sunglasses, I ran to Target that morning and bought her a pair of Circo sunglasses with a strap. The sunglasses fit right over her eyes, and the strap keeps her from easily pulling the glasses off. With her hat secured by a strap under her chin, her eyes and head are pretty well protected.

Poppy is not fond of her hat or her sunglasses. However, as long as I kept her occupied in the pool, she left both alone. Sun safety is so important. By combining sunscreen with a hat and sunglasses, I am doing my best to protect my daughter’s precious skin and eyes from damage from the sun.

How do you protect your children from the sun?

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Circo Baby Sunglasses © 2012 Heather Johnson
Poppy Wearing Her Circo Sunglasses and Princess © 2012 Heather Johnson

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