Three for Thursday Volume 4

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Parenting Patch Three for ThursdayTime for another Three for Thursday post courtesy of Evelyn at Hanging by a Silver Lining!

Three things that I am grateful for from the year 2011:

  1. I am grateful for the impending birth of my first child. Poppy is due at the end of December or beginning of January.
  2. I am grateful for earning my second master’s degree. Once I graduate on December 17, I will be done with my higher education forever! (Okay, maybe not forever, but for a long time.)
  3. I am grateful that our home repairs are finally finished. Thank you so much, dear husband!

Three things I would rather not:

  1. I would rather not share a bathroom with my husband (Sorry, hun! But boys are yucky!)
  2. I would rather not work first shift. I prefer working second shift and hate the few times a year when I have to come in to work at 9:00 am.
  3. I would rather not travel by air. I am a bit afraid of airplanes. Plus, I prefer to travel by car and see the world.

Three Thanksgiving plans, traditions, or memories:

  1. This year I am cooking a local, pastured, humanely-slaughtered turkey instead of a commercially-produced bird.
  2. I will be finishing decorating my house for Christmas on Thanksgiving.
  3. One of my funniest Thanksgiving memories is from last year when I took the neck out of the turkey but did not realize the giblets were in another bag. Thankfully the giblet bag was oven safe!

Three sneaky things I do:

  1. I sometimes sneak candy into our purchases while at the store with my husband.
  2. I frequently eat while on the desk at work. The rule is no food at the desk, but sometimes a preggie lady just needs to eat!
  3. I play on my iPhone when I have trouble falling asleep at night.

Three things that I missed the boat on:

  1. I have yet to buy a portable CD player.
  2. I never attended a college party while in college. (Or after college for that matter.)
  3. I totally missed the boat on collecting beanie babies when I was a kid because my mom and dad refused to let me buy any. Thank goodness! Beanie babies are pretty much worthless anymore.


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