Toddler Accidents: The Time My Daughter Flipped Off Her Changing Table

Laundry Basket Next to Changing TableMy toddler daughter is a daredevil. When she first started walking, she immediately started climbing as well. She can now get over a single baby gate, so my husband and I have started stacking the gates two-high in certain doorways. Because she has never gotten seriously injured — despite a number of smaller bumps and bruises — my daughter continues with her daredevil ways.

One toddler accident, however, put a stop to one toddler behavior. When up on her changing table during diaper changes, my daughter liked to reach over to the light switch and turn off the light in the nursery. She was super quick and would be reaching over as soon as I bent down to put the old diaper in the wet bag. Whenever she saw an opportunity, she jumped up and reached over. Every time my daughter reached for the light switch, I told her to stop because she might fall, but my daughter is a stubborn stinker — and a toddler.

One morning, my daughter learned the hard way that she should not lean over to the light switch. I again told her to stop because she might fall off. And that morning she did. I reached down for a split second to deal with a dirty diaper. The next moment, my daughter was crying on the floor. She had leaned over, flipped, and ended up half in the laundry basket, half on the floor. And did I mention that she was naked?

Luckily for my daughter, she landed in the laundry basket first before somersaulting over onto the floor. She was not hurt, just extremely startled. I scooped her up into my arms and comforted her. She immediately peed on me out of fear. Although I was covered in pee, I had to laugh. As I told my daughter later, she should not do things that literally scare the pee out of her!

Since that fateful morning, my daughter has not reached over in an attempt to turn the light off while on top of her changing table. She continues climbing all over the rest of the house; however, I think that her flip off the changing table into the laundry basket and onto the floor knocked a little bit of caution into her. Toddler accidents happen. At least my daughter learned something from this minor mishap.

What accidents have happened to your toddler? Did your child learn from the mistake?

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