Week 10 of Pregnancy: Back Pain During Pregnancy

BackWeek 10 of pregnancy marked the week that I first noticed my belly growing larger as my daughter grew larger inside me. I was still dealing with morning, noon, evening, and night sickness, and I had also developed a weird skin rash that I have since concluded was the result of bug bites. Pregnancy can sure be full of surprises, some wonderful and some less than wonderful. In addition to all of my other symptoms, back pain during pregnancy was one of those surprises that was less than wonderful.

As accident-prone as I am, I had never really experienced serious back pain before the third month of pregnancy with my daughter. When I was younger, my back would sometimes feel a little achy after a strenuous gymnastics class. Regardless, I could always still move just fine despite a twinge of pain in my back every now and then. And I often get knots in the muscles in my back and neck, which my husband easily fixes with a relaxing massage. However, my newest symptom during week 10 of pregnancy came as quite a shock: back pain.

I first began experiencing back pain during pregnancy one evening when I was playing a karaoke game on my Wii. I had been laying flat on my back on the floor when I began feeling some rather intense pain my back. I could not make the tiniest movement without hurting. I could not even cough without sending a searing shot of pain through my lower back. Since I had been feeling relatively fine earlier that day, I was surprised to find myself suffering from back pain during pregnancy for the first time so late in the day.

In addition to suddenly experiencing pain in my back at the end of the day, I was even more surprised to realize that laying flat on my back on the carpeted but hard floor with a pillow propping up my head had brought my back pain to fruition to begin with. My husband, who sometimes suffers from his own back pain, finds that laying flat on a hard surface brings him some relief. Some of my friends who also experience back pain on a regular basis also always end up laying flat on the floor in an effort to relieve the pain.

Thus, on top of my nausea, fatigue, skin problems, and other symptoms of early pregnancy, week 10 of pregnancy brought me the joys of back pain during pregnancy. When I finally decided to get up off the floor that night, my husband had to practically lift me straight up because bending more than a little bit sent another twinge of excruciating pain through my body. On the bright side, though, the new pain in my back did allow me to finally brush and floss my teeth that night without gagging because I was concentrating on the pain rather than my nausea.

When I woke up the next morning, my back pain during pregnancy had fortunately lessened. I could move a little more easily and without twinges of searing pain shooting down my lower back. I still had some stiffness that made walking and otherwise moving a bit uncomfortable, but I was no longer in intense pain.

Back pain is a common symptom during pregnancy. In general, back pain results from the growing and stretching that the body goes through as the baby grows bigger. However, as my mom called to tell me that morning, I did need to keep an eye on my back pain during pregnancy in case my new symptom was the result of a kidney infection. Back pain is also a symptom of a kidney infection, which is especially dangerous during pregnancy. However, the relief I experienced over night made me think my back pain was nothing so serious.

My lower back pain during pregnancy continued until the beginning of my second trimester. Then, in my third trimester, my back pain, which moved from my lower back to below my right shoulder blade, started up again. The most likely cause of my third trimester back pain was that my daughter was poking me in my gallbladder. However, as with all symptoms of pregnancy, my back pain finally did go away after the birth of my daughter. And I would definitely have endured an entire nine months of back pain just to have my daughter in my arms.

Did you experience back pain during pregnancy?

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