Week 10 of Pregnancy: Skin Rash During Pregnancy

Skin Rash During PregnancyAs week 10 of pregnancy with my daughter began, I noticed that my tummy was beginning to stick out, much to my delight. I weighed 121.7 pounds, which was the same as the week before, and my waist measured 34 inches around. I was beginning to notice a back ache, and I was also experiencing headaches. However, my biggest complaint during week 10 of pregnancy, in addition to the extremely dry and rather itchy skin that I was already dealing with, was the strange little red mark that itched liked crazy on my legs.

When I woke up one Friday morning during week 10 of pregnancy, I found myself dealing with my usual dry skin and even more pimples than normal. However, by that evening, I had developed some sort of weird skin rash on my legs. After a little bit of research, I discovered that, because of changing hormone levels, skin rashes sometimes occur during pregnancy. I therefore wondered if the four red, itchy circle-shaped marks on my legs were a result of my crazy hormone levels.

Because I also suffer from allergies, which sometimes includes skin allergy symptoms, I thought that my skin rash during pregnancy might also be some sort of allergy hives. At the time, pollen levels were unusually high according to the pollen count app on my phone. With my moderate to severe allergies, an allergic reaction in the form of a rash was not out of the question. Perhaps my time spent out at garage sales looking for baby gear that morning had brought me into contact with something to which I was allergic. My new skin rash during pregnancy could definitely have been an allergic reaction that was exacerbated by my ever increasing hormone levels.

That evening before I went to bed, I took a Benadryl that I hoped would alleviate the swelling and itchiness of my new skin rash during pregnancy. If my newest skin problems during week 10 of pregnancy were the result of an allergic reaction, an antihistamine would help relieve the symptoms. Unfortunately, when I woke up the next morning, the spots were bigger and itchier.

Because I was growing a little more concerned with the worsening rash on my legs, I stopped by her house to talk to my mom that next day. After she took a look at the red marks, she had a verdict that I had not considered: bug bites. Bites from an insect would definitely have explained the symmetry of the marks as well as the itchiness. In any case, the only course of action that I could take for either an allergic reaction or insect bites as a combination of antihistamines and time. And I am happy to report that my weird skin rash during pregnancy did clear up in a couple of days, which was good because I could not deal with one more skin problem during pregnancy unless something else cleared up first!

Did you experience any skin problems during pregnancy?

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