Week 10 of Pregnancy: Symptoms During Early Pregnancy

Week 10 of Pregnancy Baby BumpWhen I look back at week 10 of pregnancy, four main symptoms stick out vividly in my mind. I weighed 121.7 pounds, and my waist measured 34 inches around. I was also beginning to notice a slight baby bump on my abdomen. With my growing belly, however, also came some new sensations in my abdomen. For example, I would sometimes feel a pulling sensation on one side or the other of my abdomen near my uterus that suggested to me that I as starting to feel my ligaments stretch. Also as my belly grew, I started feeling strange sensations that accompanied my need to pee more often than usual. I was starting to be able to tell when I had waited too long to take a trip to the bathroom when I started feeling some subtle pain in my abdomen as my bladder fought for space against my ever growing uterus. During week 10 of pregnancy, I was needing to go to the bathroom more often and with more urgency.

In addition to the new sensations in my abdomen as a result of my growing uterus and baby, I was also experiencing pain my in lower back. In fact, I would have gone as far to say that my lower back was as sore as all heck. I also felt extremely stiff. Depending on which way I tried to move or bend, my back just plain hurt. As far as I could discern, my lower back pain during week 10 of pregnancy was just a common symptom that many mothers-to-be experienced. Eventually my discomfort did lessen, although my back pain did return during my third trimester. On the bright side, the soreness in my lower back was a great excuse for me to ask my husband to give me a back massage a few times a day!

If aches and pains in my abdomen and lower back were not enough, I was still suffering from morning sickness during week 10 of pregnancy. I still vividly remember that night that I threw up, spontaneously and completely out-of-the-blue, while I was brushing my teeth. I had for once not been feeling at all queasy that evening. However, I must have triggered my super sensitive gag reflex with my toothbrush while brushing my teeth because, one minute I was brushing my teeth without a care in the world while the next minute I was throwing up in the sink. Vomiting is one of my least favorite sick feelings, but at least I felt fine after I did throw up that night. And, despite my continued nausea, I was finding myself feeling generally queasy less of the time during week 10 of pregnancy.

Finally, the last few weeks of my first trimester also brought me more and more pimples that made me look more like a teenaged girl than a grown woman who was expecting her first child. While bemoaning my acne in my mirror, I often found myself wishing that I just slather on my face washes and face creams that contained salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. My skin would have cleared right up with the application of both chemicals. However, since I knew that current research was inconclusive about the potential harmful effects of both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide on a developing unborn baby, I simply tried to ignore all of my annoying pimples by reminding myself that I was sacrificing my vanity for the health and wellness of my daughter. I survived my teenage years with pimples. I could survive a few months while I was pregnant.

What symptoms did you have during week 10 of pregnancy?

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