Week 10 of Pregnancy: Triggers for Nausea During Early Pregnancy

Spinach and Artichoke DipWhen I was nine weeks and three days pregnant, I wrote down that I was most definitely suffering from nausea during early pregnancy. Although my queasiness was pretty constant, I was fortunate in that my morning sickness had been pretty mild compared to some women. Some days I did feel ill for most of the time, and I did spend my share of time in the bathroom throwing up. I could even boast to having vomited in the bathroom on every floor of my six-floor library. Fortunately, though, I never experienced the extreme and unrelenting nausea that some expectant mothers suffer through. However, I did have some pretty definite triggers for my nausea during the first third of my pregnancy.

The first trigger for my nausea during pregnancy involved food. Even though I was queasy most of the time, I still tried to eat as well as possible. However, if I ate too much at one, I would find myself throwing up or at least feeling sick to my stomach. For example, one evening I ate way too many tortilla chips with spinach and artichoke dip at dinner. Throughout the rest of the night, my stomach felt uncomfortably full. While I was brushing my teeth before bed that evening, I ended up throwing up in the sink. Likewise, if I went too long between eating and let my stomach get too empty, I also felt like I was going to throw up. In other words, food and I were not getting along very well early on in my pregnancy.

While on the subject of throwing up while brushing my teeth, the second trigger for my nausea during pregnancy involved my overactive gag reflex. While I was pregnant with my daughter, my gag reflex was in absolute overdrive! For example, I often found myself gagging or even throwing up into the sink while attempting to brush my teeth during my pregnancy. Flossing was even worse. Sticking my hands into my mouth to floss my farthest back molars was an unfortunate adventure. I was never sure if I was going to be able to successfully complete the task anymore. On nights when I felt especially queasy, I had to skip flossing altogether to keep from vomiting. And do not even get me started on going to the dentist while pregnant!

Finally, the most bizarre of my triggers for my nausea during early pregnancy was walking too fast. Sometimes when I found myself rushing to get to the bathroom, I ended up feeling like I was about to throw up because I walked too quickly. And I could forget about running. I could just image myself trying to run but then stopping after a few paces to throw up. Yes, some of my triggers for my nausea during pregnancy were a little weird. Certain foods, overeating, not eating enough, and brushing my teeth are pretty usual culprits. However, I never would have thought that too much physical exertion would leave me feeling nauseated as well!

Did you have any weird triggers for your morning sickness during pregnancy?

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