Week 15 of Pregnancy: Morning Sickness During the Second Trimester

Feeling Nauseated from Morning SicknessMorning sickness usually ends as the second trimester of pregnancy begins. However, for me, pregnancy-induced nausea continued well after the first trimester. During week 15 of pregnancy, I weighed 117.4 pounds, which was down from my pre-pregnancy weight of roughly 120 but was still respectable. Some soreness in my lower back continued to bother me. Increased allergy symptoms like congestion, runny nose, and watery eyes continued to plague me. I also found myself dealing with some dizziness. However, my biggest symptom during week 15 of pregnancy was still nausea. I had just one simple request for my unborn daughter: “Week fifteen is a good time to stop making your mommy randomly throw up. Stop with the nausea during pregnancy. Please!”

As I have previously shared, I began experiencing morning sickness early on in my pregnancy. Week four, in fact, brought about the first wave of serious nausea. As I was driving home from my second-shift job late one night, I had to open my door at a stop light and throw up in the middle of the road. Since that first moment of morning sickness, I had ups and downs in the severity of my nausea. Some days I felt better. Some days I felt worse. Some days I felt queasy. Some days I felt queasy and would dry heave occasionally. And, most annoyingly, sometimes I would just randomly throw up without warning.

One night during week 15 of pregnancy was one those nights when I found myself vomiting without any warning. Despite having officially entered the second trimester of my pregnancy (at which point I had high hopes of my morning sickness disappearing for good), my unborn daughter decided that I should suffer another indignity before heading off to bed. Not only had I spent the entire day with extreme and sometimes uncontrollable gas, but, while I was going to the bathroom once last time before going to sleep, I found myself randomly throwing up. Luckily, my aim had become pretty good, and I managed to throw up into the garbage can next to the toilet. My husband, of course (the big jerky jerk), had to laugh at my predicament, but he graciously changed the bag in the garbage can for me to prevent the smell from triggering another wave of nausea and vomiting.

Week 15 of pregnancy is roughly the time when most women stop suffering from nausea during pregnancy. As I look back at my pregnancy journal, I now cannot help but chuckle at the note that I wrote to my daughter when my morning sickness persisted into my second trimester:

“Listen here, my darling little fetus. I said nothing last week when you made me rush to the nearest garbage can to throw up while at work. (As a side note, I have now thrown up on all six floors of my library.) I will even gladly deal with the worst back pain imaginable; I would gladly trade my nausea for back problems. Just, please, stop with the nausea. Mommy cannot stand feel icky all day everyday anymore. Mommy is tired of randomly throwing up without warning. I must ask you to stop making Mommy feel sick all the time. Bring on the back pain. Bring on the weigh gain. Bring on the swollen feet and ankles. Just please stop with the nausea during pregnancy!”

Did you experience morning sickness during pregnancy? When did you finally find relief from your queasiness, nausea, and vomiting?

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