Week 17 of Pregnancy: Gas Pains During Pregnancy; Or, My Husband Called Me His Gassy Planet

Warning: The following post contains information that some readers may consider TMI.

Linea Nigra on Pregnant BellyExperiencing excessive gas is almost inevitable during pregnancy. At the beginning of pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause gas in the stomach and the intestines. As the digestive system slows down, gassiness is often the result. Gas pains during pregnancy can also occur making the mother-to-be feel extremely uncomfortable. Unfortunately, gas and bloating during pregnancy are completely normal as are the ensuing burps and farts.

Recently in my pregnancy as I approach the week eighteen mark, I have been experiencing more frequent gas pains during pregnancy. The other day while at work, I texted my husband to tell him that I felt like a balloon that has been blown up too much. Not only did I feel like an over-inflated balloon, but my gas and bloating during pregnancy was also making me look like I had shoved an actual balloon under my shirt. Needless to say, the stretching feel in my abdominal region due to gas pains during pregnancy was making me quite uncomfortable.

This morning during week 17 of pregnancy, too, I woke up with gas pains during pregnancy. I felt fine as I laid in bed for a few extra minutes, but, as soon as I stood up, the discomfort of gas and bloating during pregnancy hit me. At first, I thought I just really had to pee. However, even after my trip to the bathroom, I was still experiencing gas pains during pregnancy. I seriously felt like someone had hooked a bicycle pump up to my belly button and had filled my abdomen up with air. I also knew I was having gas pains during pregnancy and not cramps because the pain and pressure was constant.

Crying to my husband about my gas pains during pregnancy, I decided to lie back down in bed. For some reason, lying on my side relieved the gas pains during pregnancy that I was feeling. I told my husband that all that watermelon that I ate last night at dinner must have been the culprit. Fruit can cause gas, and I had eaten a lot of watermelon yesterday evening. (Upon discovering that I am no longer allergic to watermelon, I have been eating as much as I can get my hands on!)

Because I had to get ready for work today, I forced myself out of bed again. Standing in the hallway, I called to my husband to complain some more about my gas and bloating during pregnancy. My husband, the smart aleck that he can sometimes be, came into the hallway and said, “Give me a hug, my gassy planet.” Thanks. Not only am I full of gas pains during pregnancy, but the ensuing bloating is making me as big as a planet. Gas and bloating during pregnancy is inevitable. I can do without the “cute” commentary from my husband.

Originally written on July 28, 2011

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Heather Johnson

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