Week 18 of Pregnancy: Home Repairs Cause Stress and Anxiety During Pregnancy

Hair Pulling StressI am the type of person who needs stress in her life. When I am not stressed, I get stressed about the lack of stress. However, stress and anxiety during pregnancy is not good for either the mama or the baby. Therefore, I have been trying my darndest to minimize the amount of stress in my life at the moment. Necessary repairs to my home, however, are ruining my ambitions for dealing with anxiety during pregnancy.

Last fall, during my first pregnancy that unfortunately ended in a miscarriage, I wrote about dealing with the stress and anxiety during pregnancy caused by a major home improvement. After living in our house for a little over two years, my husband and I had finally decided that the time was right for new siding. Our old siding was cedar. The paint was chipping off, and some of the corners were coming loose. Dealing with anxiety during pregnancy at that time meant dealing with an outside company working on the exterior of my home.

This summer, the stakes have been raised in the fight against stress and anxiety during pregnancy. For the past year and a half, my husband and I have been working to replace the wiring in our home. Because the wiring had never been update since the house was built in 1949, we were at major fix of a fire. Fortunately, my father helped my husband with over half of the repairs. However, due to his own commitments, my daddy had to stop helping us for a while. So, my husband and I hired my friend and his friend to finish the wiring update.

Cue the stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

My friend and his friend are good people. The work that they both do is excellent. However, some of their work methods are not helping me with dealing with anxiety during pregnancy. When I work on a project, I clean up after myself as I go. I also try to minimize the mess in the first place. My friend and his friend, not so much. My husband is trying his hardest to get the house cleaned up for me every night, but knowing that my home is in such a state of messiness leaves me with a great amount of stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

Home repairs in general also bring me a lot of stress and anxiety during pregnancy and otherwise. Having grown up in a house that was always under construction, I have tired of dealing with major repairs and renovations. I will be so glad when my house is finally safe and under control. In the meanwhile, however, I am just trying to deal with my stress and anxiety during pregnancy the best that I can.

Update: By week 18 of pregnancy, I still weighed 120.7 pounds with a waist that measured 35.5 inches around. In addition to the new stress and anxiety in my life, my biggest complaint up to that time was still nausea.

Originally written on August 2, 2011

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Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson is a mother, wife, writer, librarian, and linguist. She earned a BA in English studies with a minor in creative writing from Illinois State University in May 2007, an MS in library and information science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May 2009, and an MS in English studies with an emphasis in linguistics at Illinois State University in December 2011.

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