Week 20 of Pregnancy: Concerns About Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Feet on ScaleThroughout my pregnancy and continuing into week 20 of pregnancy, I have had some concerns about healthy weight gain during pregnancy. Unlike a lot of expectant women who are worried about too much weight gained during pregnancy, I am worried about not gaining enough. I have always had an easier time losing weight than gaining. Succeeding at healthy weight gain during pregnancy is the same story.

Before I conceived this April, I weighed about 120 pounds, which is a good weight for my height and body type. However, because of some rather annoying morning sickness, by the twelfth week of my pregnancy, I had lost a few pounds. At my first check up with my midwife, I weighed only about 118 pounds. Although healthy weight gain during pregnancy during the first trimester often means no weight gain, I had actually lost a few pounds. And I was not happy.

My goal over the next four weeks for weight gained during pregnancy was to increase my weight by two pounds. I almost succeeded. By adding high calorie but healthy foods such as whole milk Greek yogurt with heavy whipping cream and honey to my diet, healthy weight gain during pregnancy meant that I now weighed about 119 pounds. Although I had wanted to gain one more pound, I was happy that I had gained any weight at all.

For my twentieth week check up, my goal for healthy weight gain during pregnancy was to weight 124 pounds. At nineteen weeks and three days, how I am doing? Well, the weight gained during pregnancy so far puts me right at around 124 pounds. Eating enough healthy foods and keeping that food down has definitely been a struggle. However, I was serious about healthy weight gain during pregnancy. My seriousness helped me to succeed. By the time I go to my appointment on Friday, I will hopefully still weigh as much as I had hoped to weigh.

My biggest concern about my weight gained during pregnancy is that I am eating enough to help my baby grow to his or her full potential. With the recent news that I possibly have low iron levels, I am worried about low birth weight as well as premature birth. Therefore, I have recently become even more serious about healthy weight gain during pregnancy. Because I am a small mama-to-be, that my baby will be naturally small too is not unlikely. However, I do not want my lack of a healthy diet to be a contributing factor. If my baby is going to be born small, so be it. However, I will not let a lack of weight gained during pregnancy determine whether or not my baby is born at a low birth weight.

Although my husband thinks my tummy has gotten huge, I disagree. My doula also told me yesterday that she did not think I was all that big. Fortunately, many first time mommies take a while to show. I am really hoping that my small amount of weight gained during pregnancy is not the reason that I am not all that big at twenty weeks. Healthy weight gain during pregnancy here I come! In the next few weeks, I will look at big as I feel!

How much weight did you gain during pregnancy?

Originally written on August 16, 2011

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