Week 4 of Pregnancy: Roller Coaster Emotions During Pregnancy

Roller CoasterWhen I was pregnant with my daughter, I weighed 120.5 pounds during week 4 of pregnancy. After I found out that I was expecting my daughter at nine days post ovulation, I had many of the usual pregnancy symptoms: fatigue, slight nausea and one bout of vomiting, sore and swollen breasts, excessive urination, and some cravings for salad and onions. However, my biggest symptom by far was my excessive emotions during pregnancy. Even though I was in denial for the first few days, I was definitely a pregnant mama-to-be (with a plethora of positive pregnancy test results as proof). I still vividly remember that my emotions during pregnancy felt like a crazy roller coaster ride. One minute I was feeling overjoyed only to find myself crying over something insignificant the next.

The most significant incident that occurred for me during week 4 of pregnancy was the realization that my clothes already did not quite fit right anymore. I vividly remember one day at work when I was only three weeks and five days along in my pregnancy. My breasts had already swelled so much that the shirt that I was wearing ended up being a little bit too revealing. Despite my efforts to keep my chest well covered, the girls kept wanting to make an appearance. Needless to say, I was rather embarrassed. And, already feeling overly emotional, especially since my pants also kept wanting to fall off my hips, I completely overreacted to my little wardrobe malfunction. To calm myself down, I called my husband and vented to him. He listened sympathetically.

Not until after I hung up my phone and took a moment to relax did I realize that my overreaction to the clothing situation was probably a result of my roller coaster of emotions during pregnancy. Clearly, one of my first pregnancy symptoms was hitting me hard that day! Looking back now, I realize that my incredibly negative reaction to my wardrobe issues was an overreaction due to my raging emotions during pregnancy. Not even at the end of week 4 of pregnancy and I was already going crazy. My over heightened emotions would then unfortunately continue  throughout the rest of my pregnancy, sometimes culminating in full-blown anxiety during pregnancy. However, I did survive and am no worse the wear.

Were you more emotional than usual during pregnancy?

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