Week 9 of Pregnancy: Nausea, Fatigue, and Skin Changes

Cetaphil Gentle Skin CleanserWhen I was eight weeks and five days into my pregnancy with my daughter, I wrote down that I was extremely excited and very relieved to have gotten past the point at which I had miscarried my first pregnancy the year before. In light of my first loss, I was also feeling strangely happy (although, I will admit, still a little annoyed) about all the pregnancy symptoms that I had been experiencing so far. To commemorate each and every little milestone of my pregnancy, I faithfully wrote down my symptoms in my pregnancy diary each week.

The first of my early pregnancy symptoms during week 9 of pregnancy was nausea. All too many times throughout the day including while I was at work, I found myself running to the bathroom to throw up. I generally hate throwing up. However, knowing that morning sickness is statistically linked to a lowered change of miscarriage, I was happy to spend the early weeks (and, by early, I mean the first sixteen or so weeks) of my pregnancy feeling constantly queasy and occasionally vomiting all for the sake of my baby. I gladly suffered for my precious little Poppy!

In addition to feeling sick to my stomach most of the time, another symptom that I was dealing with during week 9 of pregnancy was fatigue. I felt tired all the time. Unfortunately, because of a combination of nasal allergy symptoms and pregnancy congestion, I was finding that sleeping well was becoming harder and harder to do. For example, I often found myself waking up a couple of times a night because I was so stuffed up that I could no longer breathe through my nose. My midwife assured me that I could safely take Benadryl to ease my allergy symptoms. I wanted to take as little medication as possible for the sake of my daughter, but I did end up needing to take an antihistamine almost daily for a while just so that I could breathe and get a little sleep. The need for sleep outweighed my desire not to take any medicine.

The other major early pregnancy symptom that I was experiencing during week 9 of pregnancy was changes to my skin. I was super itchy on my stomach, abdomen, and chest. No matter how much lotion I slathered on, I was still feeling dry and itchy. I also found myself getting more and more pimples on my face, which was a battle that I had been waging (and losing) long before the ninth week of my pregnancy. I was also finding pimples on my chest and thighs! Since typical acne treatments like salicylic acid may be problematic for a developing fetus, the only thing that I was using on my skin to treat my pimples was Cetaphil and plain water. However, I was more than happy to put up with any skin problems for the sake of my unborn daughter.

For me, week 9 of pregnancy meant nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and dry skin and more pimples. What symptoms did you experience early in your pregnancy?

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Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson is a mother, wife, writer, librarian, and linguist. She earned a BA in English studies with a minor in creative writing from Illinois State University in May 2007, an MS in library and information science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May 2009, and an MS in English studies with an emphasis in linguistics at Illinois State University in December 2011.

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