Welcome to My Baby Sister: An Espentorial

Welcome to the world, Poppy!

Poppy, Mommy, and Espen

I would like to announce the birth of my baby sister, Poppy. She was born at home on Monday, December 12, 2011. She was born at thirty-five weeks and two days. Although almost four weeks early according to her due date (which my mommy tells me is just an estimate anyway), Poppy is no small potato. When she was born, she weighed a whopping seven pounds five ounces and measured twenty inches long!

I am very excited to finally meet my baby sister. I am going to be the best big brother ever! Right now I am a little cautious around Poppy. I sniff her some and will sit on Mommy’s lap when she is holding her. However, I am not ready to give Poppy kisses yet or snuggle. Right now I prefer to be a watchful big brother. Whenever Poppy makes a peep, I come running and make sure that Mommy knows my baby sister needs her.

So, please join me in welcoming my little sister to the world. Happy birthday, Poppy!

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Poppy, Mommy, and Espen © 2011 Heather Johnson


Espen is a Shih Tzu who lives with his parents, Heather and James; his human sister, Poppy; and his cat sister, Princess. With the help of his mother, he writes about his thoughts on pets, family life, and being a big brother to a human sibling.

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